Innovation in Print: Any newspaper, printed, one at a time, at your neighborhood newsstand

June 23, 2009

Here is a look at a future newsstand opening soon near your home or apartment building. It is no bigger than any of the food carts you see in New York City, yet it provides you with more options than the largest newsstands in existence today. You want the same day The Guardian from the UK, no problem! Le Figaro from France, no big deal! You wish to have a copy of your paper from the Middle East, Japan, China, no problem.

The à la Carte newsstand will print your desired newspaper during the time you are searching for your change to pay for it. Imagine a 100% sale through, no returns and no waste. This is not a figment of my imagination; all what you need is a digital printer and a finisher (at a cost of less than $10,000). I have one in my office and I print my newspaper from Lebanon on it every morning. The print and paper qualities are in fact better than the mass printed copy.

While this futuristic scenario is not available in your neighborhood yet, NewspaperDirect company is now offering ” your favorite newspaper anywhere in the world on the date of publication! Through the innovative technology of the NewspaperDirect global digital network, same-day editions of internationally-recognized newspapers are available in print and onscreen in their original layout.” You can choose from over 1040 newspapers from 85 countries in 41 languages “in over 100 countries through a global network of distributors, the newspaper Print-on-Demand service is suitable for individual subscribers, retail outlets, hotels, cruise ships, airlines, corporate offices, libraries, educational institutions, events and private yachts.”

I asked Susanne MacKillop, director of global business development at NewspaperDirect about this innovative print on demand venture and why people still want a printed edition when the digital one is available for them. Click on the picture above to hear her answers.

What about magazines, you may ask? Well, Mag Cloud is doing that too… check it here.

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