Felix Dennis on the future of print and magazines

May 5, 2009

Felix Dennis, in a typical Dennis style, gave earlier today his keynote address on “Innovating in a downturn” at the 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress. He recapped the story of launching Maxim in the United States against all odds and in the worst of times during the 1997 economic downturn.
After his speech I had the opportunity to catch up with Felix and ask him two questions regarding my series on innovation, print, the web and the future. In his three minutes answers he took the time first to acknowledge my work and then answer the questions. Thank you Felix for the kind words and for being honest and blunt about the future of magazines and print. Click the video above to hear my interview with Felix Dennis, Chairman of Dennis Publishing in the UK and The Week Publications in the USA.


  1. As a publisher of an Indian men’s magazine for the past two years, I’ve always looked up great publishers like Mr. Dennis. Watching him speak is always a pleasure.

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  4. Since Web 2.0 sites had been really popular there are certain printing companies that had been slow down in the industry, well I think this have something to do with online marketing

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