On innovation, print and the web: A series of Q and A with industry leaders. Part six

April 14, 2009

David McDonald is Chairman and CEO of Sunshine Media group which consists of Sunshine Media, Sunshine Printing, True North Custom Publishing and Blue Canoe Dynamic Media. During a visit to Ole Miss I had the opportunity to ask David a question regarding the future of print, the web and the role of innovation in both. “The printed word is the clothing of our intellect,” he mused among many others words of wisdom. Check his view by clicking on the video above to hear his complete answer.


  1. Samir,

    I wish you would interview a young professional in the media business, perhaps somebody in their 20’s or 30’s, and get their prospective on the future of print. Seems that many of these interviews consist of individuals that are not open minded to the new medium of digital interfaces such as the kindle and iphone. That is the future of magazines and books. Think of the possibilities of interactive multimedia as opposed to ink on paper.

    • Will do Anthony. Rest assured it will happen.

  2. While I agree that the new forms of technology (Kindle/iPhone/etc.) will continue to provide new opportunities to engage audiences with our content, that engagement will not be limited to those tools. We need to use the spectrum of media to provide engagement at the right level for the right audience. Print, web, mobile – all have a place in the next evolution of relevance in our markets. Limiting our view to one avenue is short sighted.

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