On innovation, print and the web: A series of Q and A with industry leaders. Part Four

April 7, 2009

Media pundits and the prophets of doom and gloom want us to believe that print is dead and only a few entrepreneurs are still launching new magazines. Last time I checked Hearst Magazines is not listed as an entrepreneur but rather a major media company with major media assets on the marketplace. One such asset is the Food Network magazine that launched late last year and is ready to put out its third issue next month. (For the record, big media companies rarely launched more than one or two new magazines every now and then…) I had the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee with Food Network magazine’s publisher Vicki Wellington and I asked her two questions regarding the magazine. The first question dealt with the complete experience of the Food Network magazine, the web and the television network, and the second question was aimed at finding what “innovations in print” the Food Network magazine is doing. Ms. Wellington’s passion and energy for this new title are more than evident in her answers despite the loud noises in the background of the Maison restaurant where we met. Click on the video above to hear her two minutes answers. Keep in mind that it is not only her passion and energy, but also that of the magazine readers. She handed me a hefty folder that includes letters from readers welcoming the magazine and singing its praises. My favorite letter, “I’m your biggest Food Network Junkie…what an amazing magazine with the best group of human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure to share my day with!…” Talk about fulfilling two important addictions: food and celebrities. The first you can’t avoid, the second it costs you NOTHING, a great price to pay during an economic downturn.

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