Next: Obama, The Magazine

March 9, 2009

President Obama did not only occupy the White House, but also hundreds of magazine covers and newspaper front pages. I do not recall any other time in recent history when a president mastered as many covers and special issues of magazines as President Obama. Any visitor to the newsstands can easily count 10 to 15 magazines devoted to the life and times of the president. The closest I can remember regarding such a phenomena is the magazine Slick Times that was published bimonthly during the Clinton era. However, it was one and only one title devoted to the Clinton’s presidency.
Now, the number of titles devoted to the president are countless and the number of issues of regular magazines with him on the cover is beyond count. Two magazines caught my attention this week. Wizard and Ms. magazines both featured Obama as Superman, each in its own different way. My friend Gareb Shamus at Wizard expects the April issue of Wizard to be the number one seller for the magazine. The Ms. magazine cover may also do the same. It has been widely reported that the Obama’s magazine covers and front-pages of newspapers have been nothing but great newsstands sellers. Maybe now is the time to start a new Obama monthly or weekly magazine. I will bet you that it will be a great seller and a greater stimulus print. I can’t wait to see who is going to take me on my offer and start the second most successful magazine in history. Just in case you are wondering about the first one, of course who else will it be but O, The Oprah Magazine. It is ironic that the first lady of television gave us one of the most successful women’s magazines and it is more ironic that the first “tech” president is giving print such a boost. Thanks Mr. President, and can’t week to see the first issue of Obama, the magazine.


  1. It’s funny, I’ve noticed the same thing too. My family even subscribed to Reader’s Digest. Lo and behold! It’s Obama! I don’t mind though. I think it’s a win-win situation. The President gets publicity, while the magazine gains popularity (and money).

  2. It already exists:

    It claims to be quarterly. Oh, and it’s rubbish.

    Seeing Michelle on Vogue and him on the cover of a basketball magazine reminded me of the only other person in my lifetime to reach beyond genres to fit almost any kind of magazine, from fashion to diet.

    • Andrew
      That magazine is only one of tens of special issues on Obama. It is part of a special interest series of publication that use this frequency for mail purposes only.

  3. I would be interested in finding out which face / person on a cover is guaranteed to sell magazines. I’d bet that Pricess Diana would be one of them, with Obama a close second.

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