A Mirage You Can Only See in Print…

February 23, 2009

To borrow a phrase from our friends in the United Kingdom this is the age of the Super Glossy Magazines. POP magazine may have started this trend eight years ago, and now comes the ultimate super glossy: Mirage. Conceived in South Africa and printed in Germany with a worldwide network of offices and ad reps, Mirage offers a 360-page picture book utilizing the best printing techniques and opting for the best paper combination to create “an international fashion and swimwear magazine inspired by the worlds of jetset hedonism, old school attitude and a certain adolescent nervousness.”

The first issue of Mirage is anything but a mirage. It is as real as it can be. You can hold it, feel the paper, engage and interact with the images, display on your coffee table and in fact start a conversation with anyone who visits you and see the Mirage displayed on your coffee table.

The magazine is published in limited editions of 25,000 and sells for $16.95. Mirage promises “a provocative and universal subject: a new generation of hot boys and girls taking a stand against mediocricy.”

Mirage combines “jetset hedonism with 21st century voyeurism” and provides solid proof for the Thomases of this world, that print even makes a Mirage something that you see, touch and enjoy. Check the magazine on the newsstands and its media kit here.

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