One Dead, Three Are Born… A Cause for Crafts Celebration

February 19, 2009

While others are mourning the death of the quarterly Craft magazine, I am celebrating the birth of three new craft magazines born the same week Craft was pronounced dead. Stampington & Company of Laguna Hills, CA, publishers of art and crafts magazines since 1994, introduced the three new craft magazines last week. Each magazine priced at a well-deserved hefty $14.99 cover price is unique in its own ways.

apronologyThe first magazine, and my own favorite, is called (apron.ology). It is the magazine for “aprons with attitude!” 144 pages of beautifully crafted and designed aprons that are set to satisfy the needs and wants of all “the apronistas of the world.”

The second magazine Art Journaling is also a hefty 144 pages showcasing “artists who choose courage over self-doubt as they share the unique ways in which they write their thoughts onto a page and juxtapose them with the artistic imprint of who they are.”art-journaling

stuffedLast but not least, is the third new magazine Stuffed, a gathering of softies. More than 100 “softie” projects fill the 144-page magazine offered complete “with an artist portfolio, techniques articles and a large gallery section.”

To paraphrase an old saying, Craft is dead, long live (apron.ology), Art Journaling and Stuffed. And just for the record, those new titles are not but three additional titles in the staple of Stampington & Company’s 25 magazine titles. Check them here.


  1. Yes, the brave new world simply cannot get enough information and pretty pictures of aprons!

  2. The nameplate on STUFFED is inspired. I just wish that these craft magazines had better design sense overall. Hard to find a well-designed craft enthusiast mag.

  3. mr magazine,

    im a avid reader of your blog. just want to let you know that the link to stampington is not working… should be stampington.com.

    keep up the good work !


    Thanks jian…all is working now.

  4. Yeah, Stampington is going a little nuts lately, but they seem to have hit on a good model: little reliance on advertising and high cover prices. I subscribe to Belle Armoire Jewelry, and I like it very much (although it will never replace Bead & Button, Art Jewelry, or Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist because the “instructions” are waaaaaay too sketchy). But I do wish they would mix it up sometimes. After a couple of issues, it all starts to look mostly the same.

  5. As a contributing artist to both ‘Art Journaling’ and ‘Apprentice’ (another new publication that made it’s debut this March) I am thrilled with the exceptional magazines that Stampington continually delivers. It is an honor to to be part of these exciting new issues. You can feel the quality of these magazines just by picking them up, even before you open the pages to the goodies inside:-)

  6. I am thrilled with the quality and consideration given to the new “Art Journaling” magazine. Art Journaling can be so theraputic and enlightening. It is a fine new guide book for those wanting to deepen their experience. And with the tight budgets taking art out of the schools these days, this new magazine offers encouragement and inspiration for classroom teachers to infuse their lessons with creative journaling.

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