Winds of Change in the Publishing Model Are Starting to Blow…

February 5, 2009

It has been over five years since I first suggested the crazy idea of charging people for the content that we create. I wrote a book called “Selling Content” to illustrate that very point. I have written articles and blogs preaching the importance of charging for our content if we are to survive. In most cases it fell on deaf ears or on those who were quick to tell me why it will never work. Moving from a business that count customers to a business that find customers who count should be the essence of our new publishing model.
Well, tomorrow, TIME magazine runs a cover story on How to Save Your Newspaper by Walter Isaacson. The article by Isaacson states that the way magazines and newspapers are dispensing their content for free makes no sense. He says, “This is not a business model that makes sense.” I say, Amen. Read the entire article by Walter Isaacson here. The irony of course, is that I am doing the opposite of what Mr. Isaacson and I are preaching: letting you read the article for free.


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  3. Amazing concept that a magazine that sells its subscriptions for almost nothing should run a story recommending the print media consider trying to sell its content!


    Buzz Kanter

  4. we’ll be experimenting with — not a micropayment service, but a monthy 3-tier membership service (get more premium/exclusive content at each level) this year.

    all signs point to the expectation that it will be successful.

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