“A Candle in the Wind”: Goodbye to 8020 Media and JPG… Take Two

January 4, 2009

Earlier this morning I received the following e-mail from Mitch Fox, President and CEO of 8020 Media with the heading “Goodbye to 8020 Media…Not so fast!”… Here is his e mail

Good Morning,

Well, this has been quite a crazy couple of days since I last wrote to you. As you may have seen reported, after we announced we were forced to close 8020 Media we were approached by over twenty people/companies who want to make an offer to acquire the company. What happened?

Well, first of all, many thanks to all our friends in the press who wrote about our demise…it was great of you to jump on the story, and we appreciate and respect the effort you put forth to get the story just right…after all, JPG is a great property, with a large number of loyal members, a growing advertiser base, and a real prospect for profit….not to mention the foundation of what publishing can look like in the very near future. It surely has value.

However, all of this activity really shows the massive shift in news media consumption,,,,because it shows the power of the press…especially the online press who got the story out wide and fast….And to the right people.

Maybe it’s generational, geographical, or industry related…but there is definitely “something” going on here….And for “it” we’re grateful.
Web based companies have come forward with offers to acquire JPG…and we’re once again excited about its future.

So we’ve set a date of Wednesday, January 7th to get in the bids…and we’ll vet them at that time and make a decision.

I’ll keep you posted….

All my best,


Oh yeah…and this site : SaveJPG.com didn’t hurt either…Check it out, especially the comments:


To read the earlier news regarding 8020 Media and JPG click here.

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