Why Magazines Still Matter? Words of Wisdom from Rebecca McPheters

November 20, 2008

Are we facing the doom and gloom of the magazine industry? Well, if you read the daily media reports, you will think so. So, is there any bloom in the midst of all the doom and gloom? I will be asking some of the movers and shakers in our business the same question about whether they see the glass half-full or half empty and will be bringing their answers to you via my blog.
The Increasing Relevance of Magazines was the title of Rebecca McPheters, president of McPheters & Company at the Custom Publishing Council (CPC) meeting last week in NYC. I asked Rebecca why magazines still matter. Excerpts from her answer:

I believe that magazines are more relevant than they have ever been before. Why? Because magazine readership is growing…magazines give you an opportunity to engage with content that you are tremendously interested in…The same is true for newspapers.

To listen to her answer click here rebecca-mcpheters30


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  1. […] times can also offer opportunity to those who have the vision to seek it. This interview is titled Why Magazines Still Matter, and it’s the voice of reason during turbulent times. Posted by Paula Krapf of Author […]

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