A Brighter Star Among Mediaweek’s Media All Stars… Jeff Fischer and the Power of Print

November 12, 2008

At the 23rd Annual Mediaweek‘s Media All Stars Luncheon Awards event earlier today there were many stars including Gene Simmons, Rock God and Media Mogul, who was the Guest Presenter of the event. However, among all the recipients of the Media All Stars Awards, one in particular captured my attention. His name is Jeff Fischer, SVP and managing director at Universal McCann’s J3. Jeff sound bites ( the All Stars had less than 45 seconds to comment after winning an award) about the power of print captivated my attention. I asked him after the event to elaborate on his sound bites. Here is his response:

In my rushed attempt to send a challenge to the media industry today, I was trying to make what I feel is an appropriate analogy given the popularity of and shift in spending to the digital space. I have been calling print the “original paid search” vehicle. My intent is to reframe the view of print as a way to capture consumers who are passionate about and seeking specific types of content much like search is discussed in the digital space. The idea is that content is valuable, consumers are willing to pay for it and more importantly they proactively seek it out. Not sure if it falls flat…but it’s my attempt at keeping marketers interest in print.

Well, Jeff, it did not fall flat on me at least… and I hope many others will see the power of print as a medium that is still relevant today if, and only if, we focus on your words “that content is valuable” and if I may add, that valuable content must be sold to the customers who count and not just given out in order for us to count customers.

Congratulations to Jeff and the rest of the Mediaweek’s Media All Stars.


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