Will the “Tech President” Help Print?

November 7, 2008

The historic election of Senator Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States has resulted in a “historic” sold-out status to many newspapers nationwide. In fact some folks are selling copies of The New York Times’s Nov. 5 issue for $199.00 on eBay. President-elect Obama has been referred to as the first “tech president” and the first “You-Tube” president, however folks rushed to the streets to buy printed newspapers to save and savor this historic moment in time. Some newspapers even went for a second printing (do you remember when was the last time a paper went for a second printing)? I have always said that as long as we have humans we will have print products. Saving your “You-Tube” video or internet link, does not and will not give you the same feel and satisfaction as that printed paper or magazine that you can touch, feel and display proudly on your coffee table at any given moment in time.
The election of Barack Obama as President and the demand for printed products as a result should provide newspaper and magazine companies with a good dose of hope; hope that if they deliver content relevant to the audience via the relevant medium and relevant price, the audience will pick up their product and will pay for it. Newspapers were not alone, just take a look at some magazine covers that did not wait to Nov. 5 to celebrate America’s first African American President.

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