52 New Magazines with 4X Frequency Born in Sept. and Oct.

November 2, 2008

I know that it seems there is no room for good news in our magazine world these days. I also know that the media is more biased toward reporting their own bad news (unlike any other business in this world) rather than the good news. So when a magazine like CosmoGirl! folds, it is big news all over the media outlets and blogs. But when 26 new magazines appear for the first time on the nation’s stands in September with a frequency of four times or more, the media pundits fail to report on that. And when another 26 new titles with a four time frequency or more appear in Oct., still the prophets of doom and gloom are silent. In fact the last two months have witnessed an increase in the number of the regularly published magazines (at least 52 titles in Sept. and Oct. 08 compared with 36 during the same period of 07). Some magazines are an extension to the Edible magazine brand with the latest in the franchise being Edible Manhattan, some are based on a revisit of a yet-another-attempt to bring a high-class fashion and art magazine such as Future Claw, and some, such is the case of Swallow, are adding a new twist to the tried and tested food titles. Add to the mix titles such as Success for Women, EquiShopper and The Last Magazine and readers are treated by a host of new magazines, each and every one of them, is by itself a new media.
In fact Oct. witnessed the birth of 74 new titles (still short of the record Oct. month of 07 with 93 titles) but with the same number of four time frequency titles (26 for both). Add to that the good news from the third quarter of 08 in which the number of new launches stands now at 166 compared with 126 from 07, that is 40 more new titles.
For those doubting Thomases out there, click here to see every new magazine published so far this year.


  1. YAY! this is good news. you know, i had no idea cosmogirl folded.
    does my recently introduced, soon to be printed magazine ,PopAfricana, count?
    it better. 🙂

    all and all, it gives me hope that people are reading or at least looking and pulling titles off the shelves. it also says that perhaps a time like this is brewing a lot of creativity instead of what is expect.

  2. […] invest because according to Mr. Magazine (it’s great to see blog writers of arcane topics), 52 new magazines launched (published 4x or more) in September and October. It proves old business models are entrenched in the practices of media moguls and managers who […]

  3. interesting perspective Samir.. thanks for sharing..


  4. […] to Samir Husni’s research, 52 new titles have launched in September and October 2008 with a frequency of four times or more […]

  5. […] to writer: There were layoffs in every industry last week.) But guess what? In the past few weeks, 52 new magazines have been started according to Samir Husni, Mr. Magazine. And that’s up from 36 starts during the same period […]

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