Bloom in the Midst of Gloom… The 3rd Quarter New Magazine Launches Report

October 16, 2008

I am sure that we all need a touch of bloom in the midst of all the doom and gloom economic climate we are witnessing these days. So, without further due, here is some good news. The number of new magazine launches for the third quarter of 2008 exceeded that of the similar period of 2007 by 29 magazines. For the first time this year, the new magazine launches reversed the huge downturn trend that started with the third quarter of 2007 and continued throughout the first half of 2008. Read the first half report here.

Motorpsycho, LA and Beach Blvd. Bride are but three out of the 155 new titles that were launched in the third quarter of 08 compared with 126 in the same period of 07. There were at least 462 new titles launched so far this year compared to 480 in the same period of 07, thus closing the wide gap between 07 and 08 to a mere 22 titles less this year. However, if the fourth quarter continues to reflect the third quarter numbers, we are on the road to witness more magazine launches this year than the year before.

And for the prophets of doom and gloom, here is more good news from the third quarter of 2008. A total of 51 magazines were launched with a frequency of four times or more in the third quarter compared with 43 last year. An increase of 8 new titles. It never fails to remind folks all the time not to write-off the launches of new magazines from the media landscape. Every new magazine published is a new media by itself. Check all the titles published throughout this year here and be your own judge on how healthy our magazine industry is.

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