Ole Miss Students Ask and Richard Stengel, TIME Managing Editor Answers Their Questions About the Presidential Debate

September 16, 2008

As some of you know, the other hat that I wear is that of the chair of the Department of Journalism at The University of Mississippi. This semester, Ole Miss is hosting the first presidential debate on Sept. 26. Barack Obama and John McCain will be on campus engaged in the first of three presidential debates before the November elections. I am teaching an internship class preparing our students to work with the media during the debate week. Those students had the opportunity to ask Richard Stengel, TIME managing editor some questions regarding the presidential debate and the role of the media in covering the debate. Our local newspaper The Oxford Eagle published the interview yesterday afternoon. Here is the intro and click here to read the entire interview.

UM Students Interview TIME Editor About Debate
By Samir A. Husni
Special to The Eagle

On Thursday Richard Stengel, TIME managing editor, was one of two moderators at the Forum on Service and Civic Engagement at Columbia University in New York that featured Barack Obama and John McCain.
On Friday students from Ole Miss turned the tables on Stengel by asking him some questions about the media’s coverage of the presidential campaigns and his thoughts on next week’s debate at The University of Mississippi.
The UM students are enrolled in the Journalism 495 Internship class that is preparing the students to work with the media expected to be in Oxford next week for the Sept. 26 debate. The students submitted the questions to their professor, Samir Husni, chairman of the journalism department, and he, in turn, asked Stegnel for his answers.

One comment

  1. Mr. Stengel needs to get his facts straight. During the presidential interview, he stated that the United States was a democracy….uh…NO!! Never has been and was never meant to be. Constitutional Republic there Mr. Stengel. The word NEVER appears in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Not once.

    Next, I would like to know who the “framers’ of the Constitution were. They are the Founding Fathers. Sorry you need to be so politically correct, but the Founding Fathers were not artists, on their break time from painting, creating the Constitution in their free time. They were MEN outlining the freedoms we now enjoy…and abuse without remembering the sacrifices rendered that allow us to enjoy them today.

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