The Mr. Magazine Interview: Jason Binn, King of Niche-Luxury Magazines

September 14, 2008

This week a new feature debuts on the MrMagazine website. The Mr. Magazine™ interview. The inaugural interview is with Jason Binn, CEO and Founder of Niche Media. On Sept.15 his latest magazine launch, Michigan Avenue arrives at the stands and the doorsteps of the rich and famous of Chicago. The launch of MA is the most successful launch in Niche Media History. The magazine plans to publish two issues in 2008 and 10 in 2009.

While others are folding magazines, Jason Binn is creating them.

While others are trimming the sizes of their publications, he is introducing more oversized magazines. While other magazines are suffering from the economic crisis, his are flourishing. While others are happy with their launch issue being 100 pages, his latest premiere issue is 360 pages. While others are looking for a niche to cover, his magazines are very well grounded in a very lucrative niche: luxury.

Call him the king of niche-luxury publishing, or even the Emperor of Metro Luxury Publishing; Jason Binn has been at it for more than 16 years. From the premiere issue of Ocean Drive to the premiere issue of Michigan Avenue, Binn is not leaving a single upscale town (or street) uncovered. As long as he can find people “who make money, have money and spend money,” Binn will create a magazine that is aimed to the needs, wants and desires of that specific audience in that specific city or street.

Click here to read the entire interview. Niche Luxury Cover Photo illustration by Noah Bunn.

One comment

  1. He is so far out of touch that he thinks it is OK to put his brother`s own children`s pictures in the Hamptons Mag Winter 2008/09 with their names printed. The kids are only 8 years old and they are photographed with both parents in the photo along with Jason-baby himself.These people are so out of touch that they do not realize there are wierdos out there. Also, how could a mother be so wrapped up in the lifestyle to not care about this? Looks like her name is Asako Binstock. http://www.hamptons-magazine.com/letter_pub.html Elitists

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