TIME vs. Newsweek on Fox Business “Money for Breakfast”

September 8, 2008

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The term newsweekly may be an oxymoron today, but the need for magazines like Time and Newsweek is more evident today than ever. When I saw the covers of some of the gossip (so called celebrity) magazines this weekend, they scared the fool out of me. Putting our politicians and presidential candidates on the same magazines that specialize in Brad Pitt and Brittney Spears and the likes is scary to say the least. Our politicians and future leaders should not be used or viewed or even treated as celebrities. We are a nation at war, a nation with a major economic crisis, a nation with much more important and serious issues to be dealt with. I do not believe that the pages of gossip magazines are the place for such issues. Just the mere fact that we call them gossip magazines should be a good enough reason to stay away from such topics. Treating politicians in the same way we treat Hollywood actors and actresses, folks who have no impact on our lives whatsoever, is exactly like fish outside the water. After three days they stink.
Alexis Glick hosted a segment on the Fox Business “Money for Breakfast” show on Time vs. Newsweek this morning in which I voiced some of the aforementioned opinions and a little bit more. Let me know what you think?


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  2. You can not take the computer to the bathroom and read it like a magazine. You also can not hold a computer in your hands very well in a doctor’s office. There is something about the physical contact between magazine and reader that a computer does not offer. I am not reading my laptop on the beach. With a magazine, I can take John McCain with me anywhere I go! Dr. Husni, you were my favorite professor at Ole Miss! As a Journalism graduate from the University of Mississippi, I say too much computer information is a bad thing! You need a magazine to organize your thoughts and opinions. Even if the information is another person’s opinion, a magazine puts information together making a person use their cents and senses. Rock on Mr. Magazine! Go Rebels.
    From Samir: Thanks Natalie and it is so good to hear from former students… Again thanks for the kind words and all the best, Samir

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