Interview: The Definition of a Good Magazine…

September 2, 2008

After a hectic Labor Day break, a very welcomed surprise arrived in the mail. Alan Katz, Group Publisher at Brant Media, publishers of Interview, Art in America and The Magazine Antiques, and the ex-Publisher of New York magazine, Cargo and Vanity Fair, sent me a copy of the renovated “bigger, bolder and sexier” Interview magazine. I think the word renovated does not give the changes in the magazine justice… It is more of a rebirth from cover to cover. A rebirth using the same DNA that the magazine founder Andy Warhol created when the magazine was conceived.
In a rather unique Interview style, the new editorial directors of the magazine Glenn O’Brien and Fabien Baron engage in an interesting exchange about the changes in the magazine, opting for a dialogue between the two rather than the traditional letter from the editor. Baron tells O’Brien, ” I think Any Warhol invented a new kind of magazine. It happened around the same time the cassette recorder was introduced. It was the first oral magazine…And being Andy’s magazine, visually it was up to the level of a great artist.” Baron responds to O’Brien saying, “But magazines have changed. Today the Internet does what magazines used to do. They give you the news, the flash, the buzz. Today a good magazine is more like what a book was in the past. I think that what we’re doing is going against the instant, disposable thing. I think we are offering something made with real craftsmanship, with a very high level of work coming from many people.” All I can add to that is just say Amen!
The brand new Interview with a glowing red and silver metallic cover featuring Kate Moss in all her glory, together with some hefty well written and photographed articles are worthy much more than the $3.99 cover price. Check it out today, the power of the photography, the feel of the typography, and the passion of the design make the new Interview a good magazine, a good one indeed.

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