Brits Bring Knowledge to the American Shores…

August 27, 2008

The British are coming… This time they are coming armed with Knowledge for “the curious mind.” Whether it is science, history or nature the first issue of the BBC Knowledge magazine does indeed offer a wealth of knowledge. Andy Benham, the magazine’s publishing director said in a press release that “the magazine has been poistioned to capitalize on the strength of the BBC’s brand in the U.S. and while the content will feed American interests, the Britishness and BBC-ness of the magazine are seen as being key assets, offering consumers a fresh alternative to what is currently on the market.”
Two things captivated me about the BBC Knowledge: the first is the variety of content and design that indeed sets the magazine apart of what is on the market. The mix of in depth stories and great stunning photography made me stop on every page of the 100-page premiere issue. I can feel the European flair of the magazine in every page, yet it also felt so American. A welcomed blend of that Euro-American mix that hopefully one day will find its way to more magazines and newspapers in our country. The second thing that grabbed my attention is the dependency on circulation rather than advertising to survive in today’s market place. It is something that I have been advocating for some time. The magazine carries a limited number of ads, but Benham comments in the press release that “our primary aim is to build a solid core of subscribers…we want to offer readers the best of BBC stories in the magazine while carefully considering the tone and quality of any potential advertisers.”
BBC Knowledge is indeed a breath of fresh air in today’s market place where more major magazine publishers are committing suicide with some of their magazines rather than attempting to adjust to the changing market place. Check BBC Knowledge here, buy a copy at the newsstand for $5.99 or order an annual (six issues) subscription for $29.95. Real prices for real content. Enjoy your imported knowledge for the week.

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