As American As An Apple Pie…

August 7, 2008

Ladies’ Home Journal’s Sept. issue sports an interview with Michelle and Barack Obama with the picture of both sharing the cover of the magazine. Single copy buyers get an extra inset picture, with not so subliminal message, of an apple pie that readers can “rub and sniff” and the smell of the apple pie sends a wow through the senses of the customers. What can be more American than an apple pie? Well, you do not have to be a genius to add one plus one and the entire cover package is smelling like an apple pie. The subscribers of Ladies’ Home Journal have to be satisfied with the smell of ink on paper (and as much as I love the smell of ink on paper, I can’t write that the smell of ink on paper is as American as an apple pie…)
In my previous blog, I have asked the question about the coverage both Obama and McCain are receiving from the American magazines, well you can add this one to the Obama camp and you can keep on counting… My guesstimate is the score is at least 4 to 1 in favor of Obama. Have a different theory, please do not hesitate to comment.


  1. What can one say that, underneath the apple pie, one smells 100% BS.

  2. I have been very disappointed by the media coverage of the two candidates, simply because it demonstrates how untrustworthy the news media has become. Where are the honest forthright journalists who will bring us the news…all the news…and not just their views or the views of their publishers?

  3. You had the choice of what to write – you could have covered SOMETHING about McCain,
    maybe his first wife’s medical condition,
    his academic record,
    a COMPLETE account of his military history
    (not just the positive(?) one that he has USED repeatedly throughout his life, of getting shot down and caught
    (by the way, was he flying alone? Was anyone else killed or injured in his crash?),
    Instead you had to choose to take another limp swing at a young, successful, ambitious American couple.
    You made YOUR choice clear.

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