Two Trend Setting Magazines…

July 10, 2008

Two magazines have captured my attention lately and neither are published in the United States of America. The first one is brand new and the first issue is barely two weeks old. The name is Green.2 and the tag line is “Inspiration for the Future” and bills itself in its ads as “The first green glossy in the world.” The first issue was published June 25, and dated July/August 2008, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The magazine brings its cover story Time to Change to reality through the different stories and quotes inside the magazine. A well designed publication with a host of quotes including this one from Robert Redford, yes The Robert Redford: “Whatever you today, think what it means seven generations down the line.”
The other magazine just published its fourth issue dated July 2008 is MindFood and its tag line is “Smart Thinking.” And, smart thinking it is. It has been some time since I have seen a magazine with Food in the title and is not aimed at the lower part of the body but rather at the upper part, and specifically the Mind. Published in New Zealand on a monthly basis the magazine is a great example of 360 publishing. It is a well written, well designed glossy; it is online; it is tv; it is podcast; it is newsletter; it is gallery; it is puzzles; it is recipes; and it is shopping. I have been using MindFood in all my recent presentations both in Europe and the United States as yet another example of a great magazine utilizing the power of print and beyond. Talk about innovation in print, on line and off line. The total MindFood experience will leave you breathless. Check it here.
As long as we can create magazines such as Green.2 and MindFood, there is no fear or doubt about the future of print—not today and not tomorrow. I said it before and it is worthy of repeating time and time again: our problem is not in our medium, it is in our message.

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