First Six Months New Launches Report: June to the Rescue

July 6, 2008

June came to the rescue of the total numbers of the new magazine launches with a total of at least 57 titles hitting the newsstands, two short of last June 07 and 20 more May of this year. The total number of new magazines launched so far this year stands at 291, still short 75 titles from the 366 titles published in the same period last year. However, the biggest drop this year comes in the regularly published magazines with a frequency of four times or more. The first six month of 2007 saw the launch of 132 magazines with the intention to publish at least four times or more. This year the numbers are a mere 78 titles. That is a drop of almost 40% than the previous year. This is a first since I have started tracking the magazine industry over 30 years ago.
The specials continue to match the numbers of last year with a total of 193 this year compared to 197 for the same period of last year. The annuals on the other hand saw an increase from 12 titles last year to 18 this year. The remaining titles were those published two or three times a year.
As I have written earlier, this is going to be the second year out of three that we are going to have a decrease in the number of new launches. It is part of the life cycle of new magazines. The reason I believe June witnessed the launch of 15 new magazines with a frequency of four times or more is the old-aged belief in the fact that launching a magazine during hard times (think Fortune, Esquire, Entertainment Weekly) is often better for the survival of a new magazine than launching it during good times. It will take a year or two for the magazine to establish itself and the hope is that the economy will rebound and the new magazine will be ready for the marketplace.
Some great magazines have been published during the first six months of 2008 that adds to my belief that the problem is not with our medium, but rather in the message we carry. Check my reviews on what’s hot and what’s not here and take a peek at every magazine I was able to locate for the first six months of 2007 here.
In my attempt to make sure that every new magazine is properly added and coded I make every effort to locate the first issue of the magazine. If yours is not here please feel free to send me a copy of the first issue to: Samir Husni, Box 2906, 105 Farley Hall, University, MS 38677.


  1. I sent you our first issue late last year and you never listed it. I also have e-mailed you about it a couple of times with no response.
    Samir’s response: Sorry Matt, but your magazine Orlando Attractions arrived late to be added to the website at that time, however it has been coded and entered into the database. It should be in the new Guide that will be out at the end of the month with the rest of the 2007 new launches.

  2. Great, because readers everywhere need to keep up-to-date on the attractions of Orlando.

  3. Thanks. We’re still chugging along, trying everything we can think of to spread the word about our magazine – for those who truly are interested in Disney World and the rest of Orlando’s attractions.

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