More on the dual covers trend…

July 3, 2008

My friend Rex Hammock has promised on his blog today that he is going to offer his opinions on the issue of split covers between single copies and subscribers copies of the same magazine. Just for the sake of giving him more examples and points of reference for his comments, here are the two editions of Harper’s Bazaar for July. A stunning and sexy Gwyneth Paltrow image graces the subscribers’ cover that jumps from every mailbox and coffee table (always keeping subscribers on their toes, so to speak), and a run-of-the-mill single copy cover that reflects the habitual look of the magazine so newsstands’ buyers will not be confused whether it is the same magazine they buy every month (Think Cosmo, same cover design for how many years now?)…

However this ever expanding trend is not only limited to the newsstands vs. the subscribers, but also continues to spread among different newsstands’ geographical locations testing different covers and different images. Ladies’ Home Journal’s July issue offers a split newsstands distribution with two cover photos, that of the celebrity Kathie Lee Gifford and the hot and sizzling summer cookout. It is fun to note that the ribs image did not make it to the Gifford cover, but Ms. Gifford was able to make it, albeit, in a very small inset on the ribs cover…go figure!


  1. well i discovered the Mr Magazine blog by coincidence, but i find very entertaining and a unique mirror to expose the faces of US journalism

  2. Correct me but hasn’t this split overs for newstands been going on since the late 90s?
    Samir’s response: In fact split covers on the newsstands are as early as the late 70s…the first issue of the re-launched LOOK in 1979 had two covers, one for the east coast and one for the west coast. With the help of the technology the trend is seeing now more abuse than use. It will always good to try to achieve something with your test and your split covers, but if we are doing it just for the sake of doing, no one wins at the end.

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