Time to Relax… Dream It, Live It…

July 1, 2008

The summer double issue of National Geographic Adventure lives up to its tag-line: Dream It, Plan It, Do It. The subscribers’ cover is a relaxing beauty to look at; an invite without words to get you into the magazine. The newsstands’ cover, with its usual cover lines, maybe un-relaxing in its design and typography, but extremely relaxing with the choice of topics. Whether you are a single copy buyer or a subscriber this issue of NG Adventure is a must to have, to enjoy, to relax and to live it up. It also adheres to the basics of human memory recall skills: people see and remember color first, pictures second and type third… That is why I always tell my clients not to change the color and pictures when having a split edition between the single copy and subscribers’ editions so the readers will not be confused….as for the type, by the time our memory cells are at work, the color and the photo image already tell us it is the same magazine, so there is no room for confusion.

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  1. […] What a magazine cover would look like if designers had their ways | Mr. Magazine Samir Husni is the only person I know who posts side-by-side covers of newsstand and subscriber versions of the same issue of a magazine. At some point, I’ll blog why I think their should be little difference. (tags: magazines) […]

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