The U.S. Presidential Elections on Magazine Covers…

June 30, 2008

Some magazines have declared the winner when it comes to the presidential elections and some are still waiting for the public to decide. Others have decided on their dream team working together. Here is a quick snap shot of some magazines and the way they treated the Democrat and Republican candidates.
For Rolling Stone there is no question about their choice (and no cover lines, as in what more can we say?) Barack Obama is the choice and for the first time in a long long time RS has a cover with no cover lines… (last that I can remember are the John Lennon and Yoko Ono cover in 1981, the Demi Moore cover in 1995, and George Harrison in 2002. As in the Obama cover, there was nothing but the name of the magazine, the date and the picture…not even a caption identifying the pictures.
Fortune magazine on the other hand opted for giving the people the choice between the candidates. A split cover on newsstands offers readers the two candidates (each on his own cover) with the coverline How I’ll Fix The Economy. The editors at Fortune told min newsletter that they will let us know the result of the single copy vote at a later date.

Newsmax magazine opted for the person who is ready when the Red Phone rings at 3:00 am. With the Red Phone being the big picture on the cover, the coverline informs readers that McCain is ready to take that call.
My choice of the presidential election covers is that of New York magazine (which, by the way, has become my favorite magazine of late). Why decide when you can have the dream team…McCain and Obama joining hands and working together…Maybe that will be the dream team for the future…but wait a second, who will be the Presidential Candidate and who will be the VP? Oh, well, just a minute detail…

Enjoy the summer and look for more presidential covers coming soon…


  1. I liked your article about the covers. Actually, I had the Fortune through subscription and received the Obama cover. I was really angry that he was chosen to be on a joint article. Now I see from your blog that there were two covers and wonder why I got the Obama one (clearly you can tell I wanted the McCain cover. If anyone is measuring by how many of each are chosen, I thoink that would skew the results. I believe it was the New Yorker article that had the caricature of the Obamas and found it very clever. I am worried about the lopsided coverage that Obama gets. It is not fair and balanced.

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