Split covers and different stars reach Hip Hop Weekly world…

May 1, 2008

The two-year old Hip Hop Weekly was published without any fanfare, but since it changed its format from a tabloid to a standard size glossy magazine Hip Hop Weekly started gaining space on the newsstands and I have selected it as one of min’s magazines hottest launches of last year. Now, the magazine that covers the hip hop culture on a weekly basis is learning the tricks of the trade and offering split covers on the nation’s stands. The latest issue comes with two covers, one devoted to Jay Z and the other to 50 Cent….In any case, both covers are a reflection of a culture that is gaining ground in a world surrounded by celebrity news and gossip…Britney, Jen, Paris and the rest of the gang better watch out, Hip Hop Weekly’s covers are off limit to you…but the rest of the Hip Hop stars can now have a magazine they can call their own. Check it out if you are interested in keeping up with the hip hop culture…you will not regret it and you may learn a thing or two…


  1. First off Mr Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly isn’t published every week, in fact, they can’t even get this magazine on newsstands everyother week (which is what they promise advertisers) This magazine is published by two of the sleeziest individuals in the publishing business and the only thing you will learn from them is smoke and mirrors!

  2. Hello.

    I am trying to get the number or at least the city that hip hop weekly is located for distribution purposes.

    Thank You.

  3. To respond to “Ms. Superhead’s” comment— Hip Hop Weekly is published nationally on a bi-weekly basis. HHW distribution is consistant, in fact the only reason it would not be available in stores is because it’s Sold out, no more left. Everything promised to advertisers is implemented with quality service and we not only provide the very best in advertising features but also provide added value bonuses for our loyal ad partners. Ask Hip Hop pioneers like Russell Simmons. He also feels that “Hip Hop weekly fills a void” in this new age of media. That’s what makes this business so viable. As far as your thoughts on the publishers, I am sorry you feel that way towards them. We all have haters, but eventually you have to move on. Give these guys some credit though. They paved the way for other Hip, Urban magazines to shine. As the creators of the Source Magazine, Dave and Ray along with others, pioneered Hip Hop, which opened doors for millions of people internationally. HHW is now in its second year and we already have a consistent reader impressionship of close to a million people per issue. Hip Hop Weekly is everywhere! — Target, Walmart, Airports, Metro MTA stations, 7-elevens, Rite-Aids, Walgreens, Barnes & Noble, and newsstands all over the United States and UK. Need a copy? Email me at jhill@hiphopweekly.com.

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