New Magazine Launches: First Quarter ’08 — totals are up, 4x or more are down

April 26, 2008

The number of new magazine launches in the first quarter of 2008 witnessed an increase of five titles compared to those introduced in 2007. A total of 150 new magazines were introduced to the American magazine scene in the first quarter of 2008. This is an increase of five from 2007, but still a far cry from the introduction of 192 new magazines in the same time period of 2006. However the number of titles published four times or more in the first quarter of this year has dropped by nine. Only 41 magazines were launched with the intention to be published at least four times a year compared with 50 in 2007, and 72 in 2006.
So what does this mixed bag of numbers mean? Not much. Since I have started tracking new magazine launches, I have witnessed a two or three years’ declines after a very healthy and busy year. 2005 was a very healthy year. 1013 new magazines were launched. The decline started in 2006. We are in our third year of decline. In 2006 we have seen 901 new launches, the number dropped to 715 last year, and if the trend of the previous years continues, we will see another drop again this year before the numbers bounce back. Call it market correction if you please, but definitely it is NOT a sign that print is on its way out. History will tell us otherwise. So enjoy this quarter’s crop and look forward to more titles to come next month.

Here is the break down of the numbers by month:

January-March – 150 total magazines

January – 42 magazines (14 published 4x or more):
6 quarterly
5 bimonthly
2 monthly
1 10x
28 special

February – 52 magazines (16 published 4x or more):
10 quarterly
2 bimonthly
2 monthly
1 9x
1 10x
1 bi-annual
3 annual
32 special

March – 56 magazines (11 published 4x or more):
9 quarterly
2 monthly
5 annual
40 special

Click here to see images of all magazines launched so far in 2008.


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