Can you spot the real National Geographic?

April 1, 2008

This is not an April 1 joke…this is for real. For real as a Harvard Lampoon Parody can be. The issue on the left is the real April issue of National Geographic, the one on the right is the parody issue. One offers Hawaii’s Wild Coast and one offers Paris Hilton After Dark. Both spines of the magazines read National Geographic April 2008. The real contents read: The Sahel. Biomimetics. India Rickshaws. Hawaii’s NA Pali Coast. Senegal Chimps. The parody issue’s spine reads: A Harvard Lampoon Parody. Sex. Sports. Beer. Science. Clothes. Animals.
So you be the judge on this April’s fools day. Which one of the two magazines you will pick and take home to enjoy. If you choose the parody be prepared to pay an extra one dollar ($5.99 for the parody vs $4.99 for the real NG). No one said fun is cheap. After all you get what you paid for!!! Enjoy


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