Inside the Great Magazines: The Super Bowl of Magazines

February 4, 2008

Whether you are a magazine insider or just someone who loves to read and flip through pages of different magazines, this documentary trilogy DVD set is a MUST. A three part series that will keep you glued to your television set as if you are watching the Super Bowl of magazines. The series opens with “how magazines define our cultural and personal images, and fuel the growth of democracy and consumerism.” From the days of the first magazine in London to the first use of a photograph in Paris to the days of Life and Vanity Fair in the United States, the first DVD has it all. Magazines as an element of social change is the topic of the second DVD. Leading magazines in this era of social change are included in this DVD. Playboy, Ms magazine and The Advocate are presented as an example of “how magazines find the way to challenge us with ideas that have the power to shape our political and social landscape.” The third DVD “investigates the work of impassioned individual editors, writers and photographers within the new market realities.”
This trilogy is produced by Irene Angelico and Abbey Jack Neidik from the Canadian DLI Productions company. The price for the series is :
Home — $45 for the three-part series
Institutions — $270 for three-part series
It’s available on DLI Productions website. Click here for information about Inside the Great Magazines. You will not regret it. Watch the intro to the series below.



  1. Very well presented program. Just saw the first of the three part series.

    But – as a proud Indian, I was annoyed by the constant “this is how xyz magazine defined the world”.

    It sure didn’t define most of the world living east of the 0 degree meridien! We in India were defined by the story telling of our grandparents, and reinforcing family structures. Not magazines.

  2. *meredien not meridien

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