Snap a picture, write a post-card, and you will have a magazine you can call your own: Everywhere

December 14, 2007

You’ve heard me sing the praises of JPG magazine, the photo magazine that uses the best of the on-line and off-line technologies. (For those of you who need an explanation, that is the web and ink on paper combined). Now JPG has a sibling, and a very good one for that matter. Everywhere magazine which follows the same model as JPG is unlike any other travel magazine out there. They’ve claimed it a unique travel magazine and I agree. The magazine follows six easy steps in the process of its creation: See the world (that is you the reader), document your trip (that is your trip documented with words and pictures), upload your travel tales and photos on www.everywheremag.com, peer review (that is the rest of your travel community who did exactly the same thing that you’ve done), final selection (that is where the editors role and journalism come to play), and finally get published, get paid and receive a free subscription.
The entire idea of the magazine reminds me of a former student of mine and a good friend, who everywhere he travels, he buys postcards and addresses them to himself. He once told me that is how he keeps track of all his travels and all the great places he visits. At home, he has all the postcards in a folder that opens like a magazine page. Everywhere magazine is like that folder. Imagine yourself writing a postcard and sharing both the picture and the words on the web. Now imagine you have the opportunity to share it with the rest of the world. All of sudden you are part of a travel community who are only interested in sharing their trips and comparing notes with each other. Now, stop imagining because it is no longer a piece of fiction. It is a dream come true.
So sit back, relax and order yourself a copy of Everywhere…you don’t have to take my word for it, but rest assured it is not your father’s travel magazine. As I’ve mentioned earlier JPG and Everywhere are reinventing the way we combine two of the best technologies that have been invented so far, paper and on-line and the results should give hope to any one who believes in the future of reader interaction and consumer satisfaction.



  1. […] Derek Powazek es un señor que vive en San Francisco y que fundó JPG Magazine, la revista de fotografía (en papel) que se nutre de su comunidad de usuarios (web), y de la que Samir Husni es rendido admirador. […]

  2. Moving style. I would love to write that way.

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