Good things come in 3s (x 3): American Profile, Relish and now Spry

December 12, 2007

Spry will be the latest 9 million circulation new magazine launch from the Franklin, TN based Publishing Group of America (PGA). Spry, which will debut in Sept. 08, will be devoted to health and fitness and will join two other siblings, the weekly general interest magazine, American Profile (9.8 million circ.) and the food monthly, Relish (now at 9, next Jan. will hit 12 million circulation). The success story of PGA reached a new milestone today by being acquired by Bain Capital Ventures and Shamrock Capital Growth Fund (Roy Disney family). In a press release issued today the new owners said, “The deal opens a new chapter in the phenomenal growth of PGA, which has bucked the magazine industry trend by turning newspapers into a pipeline for innovation in magazines, digital media and branded content.”
Both American Profile and Relish have received the Most Notable Magazine Launch Award in their 2000 and 2006 launch years respectively from Mr. Magazine website and Samir Husni’s Guide to New Magazines.


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  1. […] have garnered much attention, with Relish being singled out for distinction for its 2005 launch by Mr. Magazine Samir Husni. Meanwhile, PGA has been acquired by a private equity firm. Jitters over the foundering housing and […]

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