People magazine’s latest Telemag…The sound of music

November 29, 2007

If you want to be entertained, be proactive, and listen to some good holiday music then go no further than the latest edition of People magazine “Digital magazine.” It is a special issue themed Holiday Fun and comes with all the bells and whistles an interactive digital magazine (or what I like to call Telemag) should have. The movement, the speed, the viewer driven interaction and the great sounds of music and advertising all in one. Is it People magazine? NO. Does it replace People magazine? NO. Can you enjoy it the same way you enjoy People magazine? NO. Would you use your brain less to watch it? YES. Would you know that only one company advertises in it? NO (Hint to the viewers: all the ads belong to KRAFT). Would I recommend all magazines to create something like that? YES if they can afford it and if their content supports the brand and not take away from it. Will it ever replace the print edition of People magazine? NEVER. So having said that, hurry up and click here to view the issue. It self destructs in four weeks.

One comment

  1. ah but have you seen the new T magazine from the New York Times? One of the digital few to make me sit up and enjoy…

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