The world’s smallest book, the world’s largest paper mill, and the world’s largest newsstands

September 29, 2007

book-1.jpgmuseum.jpgDuring my visit to Germany earlier this week, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to visit The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz and to speak at the Myllykoski Summit ’07 in Munich. During the visit to the museum, I was wowed by the beauty of the first ever printed Bible and was introduced to the whole process of printing following the footsteps of Gutenberg. In addition to the great printing works of Gutenberg, the museum also has the world’s smallest printed book that includes the Lord’s prayer in seven different languages. Another Wow! moment. I bought a copy and could not stop being amazed by the power of print and ink on paper. And, as if I needed another proof that we will have printed stuff as long as we have human beings, my next stop was Munich where I was speaking at the paper company Myllykoski Summit 07 on the future of ink on paper. The company is investing 486 million euros to build the largest paper mill that I have ever seen—a state of the art project that started last Oct. and is nearing completion. You have to visit the mill to believe it. When I gave my speech the next day I challenged all in attendance who still have any doubt about the future of print to go and do two things: visit the paper mill and go to a newsstand—any newsstand—and check the amount of magazines and newspapers carried in Germany. I thought we had a lot of magazines in the United States, but now I have to say that the stands in Germany carry more titles than any other country I have visited. To be true and honest to myself, I was never overwhelmed with a newsstand in my life until I visited the ones in Germany. I was amazed and stunned. I issue the same plea for anyone that still doubts the power of print…go visit Germany, it is worth the price. I thought I saw large newsstands in New York City, in Tokyo, in Helsinki, but what I saw in Germany is second to none. All in all, I came back from my trip with my belief in the future of print deeper than ever. No wonder the title of my speech was Ink on Paper: The Future is NOW.


  1. Welcome home. In this county newsstand sales have been flat for 17 years. 5 titles and one sector carry the illusion that we have a robust industry. In fact the industry is actually, sort of, ok, but not growing. More titles than ever before… absolutely, but we are not selling any more copies than we did in 1990. It is not that magazines are going to go away, they won’t, it is simply that they are not going to be the dominate resource for information. No, the digital universe will be the dominant vehicle for information distribution and it will have the ability of one to one advertising and real time accountability. Do you have any of that?

  2. I wish to introduce to you a strategic investment opportunity available currently in Nigeria (WEST AFRICA).
    Nigeria is a large market for business and printing papers and currently imports from over four countries including South Africa and Indonesia.

    No business paper factory is currently located in West Africa and Nigeria’s location and economic position will provide a convenient production and supply base for the rest of Africa, in which paper consumption has increased tremendously over the past ten years.

    Nigeria provides a favorable business environment with:
    • Low import duties on raw materials and heavy machinery (factory);
    • Investment friendly legislation which provides tax exemption on new business for an initial specified duration;
    • Cheap raw materials;
    • Cheap source of energy (fuel and electricity);
    • Cheap man-power (an average worker earns about $4620 per annum.)
    • Expansion opportunities, with a present monopoly.

    These market facts can be verified with the Nigerian Embassy in your country.
    Your prompt response is eagerly anticipated to indicate interest, initiate negotiations, and commence registration of company.

    Abali Uchenna

  3. Good Morning,
    i am a Nigerian student studying Paper technology in Finland. when i read your articles on the website,it really touched me, that the giant of africa is no where to be found on the world or africa largest paper and Pulp industry. i want to make a revolution in that field when i graduate from my field .i will like to know more fact about paper industry in Nigeria.hope to hear from you soon.
    Engr.Dipo Daramola.(Paper Engineer)

  4. Sir,

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  5. We are the manufacturers of the spary nozzles system for the starch spraying on kraft paper during the production. We have replaced many Original system acros many countries.
    The system is very cost effective. Let us know the requirements to quote you


    Vijay Joshi
    satellite Road, Ahmedabad

  6. Hello Dr Daramola Dipo!
    It is pleasure to read your article and the few replies you gave to those who comment on your article.
    Sure, you promise a revolutionary improvemnts on newstands in Nigeria after your studies. I wish you can carry out this type of project very soon in Nigeria and that the finanacial and Government Institutions there can understand your aims and ojectives. Secondly, the Digital Innovations and the electronic device Information are taking control globally.
    I wish I can join you for this type of Revolutionary programme to provide sheets, writing Papers and materials to our local schools, Hospitals, Companies and Council officess. With this, job opportunity will be created for millions.

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