Two covers for the doers and one for the lookers

September 28, 2007

The October issue of Ladies’ Home Journal features a split newsstands cover with two images of Sandra Lee, the Food Network star. One image has Ms. Lee relaxing with the pumpkins and the other sitting on a chair. Both covers promise Halloween entertaining with the star. Those two covers seem to aim at the LHJ readers who are more of the doers rather than the lookers. However, the magazine’s subscribers received what I call the cover for the lookers…rather than being entertained by doing something (stuff for Halloween) the magazine offers the subscribers Nicole Kidman and her costar Jennifer Jason Leigh on the cover. A nice touch from the magazine is that of reversing the cover images on both the newsstands and the subscribers. Ms. Lee appears in a small image in the lower right corner of the subscribers issue, and Ms. Kidman and Ms. Leigh appear in a similar box in the lower left corner of the single copy issue covers. One more note about LHJ and its covers this month, if you are lucky enough the magazine has a gift for you in some markets in which readers receive a bonus Halloween idea book poly-bagged with the magazine. It will be fun to see whether LHJ readers are more on the doing side (service journalism at its best) or on the looking size (celebrity journalism at its best). This issue of LHJ is a perfect example of how a women’s service journalism magazine can reach that lucrative dual audience of the doers and the lookers. By the way, for those of you lookers, if you really look hard at the Kidman-Leigh cover, you will be able to find a pumpkin in the picture. Let the search begins.

One comment

  1. I don’t know about Kidman-Leigh, but I saw a pumpkin on the Sandra Lee cover. 🙂

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