Details does not want you to buy Details…

September 24, 2007

On my trip to Europe this week I had a copy of Details magazine with me. So what is the big deal you ask? Well, Details magazine and its editors in a moment that belongs to “What were they thinking?” had an ad in the magazine announcing the new and renovated website for the magazine. Nothing out of the norm so far until you read the copy of the ad: “The new, improved Details.com is here. More videos, exclusive deals, style tips — and it won’t weigh down your briefcase.” The emphasis is mine. It won’t weigh down your briefcase…what are they telling me? In simple terms they want me to stop buying the magazine and just enjoy the website. What is the logic behind that? I have no earthly idea, but the folks at Details definitely did not want me carrying the magazine in my briefcase. I doubt that they were thinking about my well being. This is the first time I’ve seen a magazine advocating avoiding the print edition because it is “too heavy.” And not any magazine that they are advocating not buying…it is their own. Go figure!

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