The things we do to keep the post office happy…

August 31, 2007

When magazines publish special issues or spin offs they have one of two options: sell it on the newsstands only and thus do whatever you want to do to identify the name of the publication and its spin off, or mail that issue as part of the magazine subscription to your subscribers. However if you decide to do both, you better watch the size of the original name of the magazine. Your friends at the post office have more rules and regulations on the size of the name of the spin off in comparison to the name of the magazine. You must adhere to these specifications in order for that extra issue to qualify for periodical mailing. Take the example of In Style Makeover magazine, one of four spin offs of In Style magazine. The magazine plays big the name Makeover on the newsstand edition, while the original name In Style is the dominant part of the name on the subscribers edition. The rest of the magazine is the same. At least it is good to know that the wholesalers are not the only folks trying to tell publishers what to do with their magazines in order to obtain their service.

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