And they say teens don’t read…

August 28, 2007

News from the Big Apple that Teen Vogue magazine is raising its rate base to 950,000 from the current level of 900,000. Teen Vogue was launched in 2003 with a rate base of 450,000. This new rate, effective Feb. 2008, represents an increase of 111% since the magazine was started. Today’s news comes on the heel of rumors that Condé Nast was ready to shut down Teen Vogue. The rate increase, announced by Vice President and Publisher Gina Sanders, is the best response I’ve seen yet to a rumor of magazine closure. It is amazing how many proofs the prophets of doom and gloom need to accept the fact that teens read and read a lot if the content is relevant to their needs, wants and desires. Shoving something down their throat that is not relevant to them and wondering why they don’t read it is a completely different story.


  1. I order the magazines for our library and well I can’t agree with you that all teens read magazines. But I do know the girls do. I cannot keep Seventeen in its slots. That is probably our fastest mover along with Twist, M, Popstar, and Teen Vogue. Teen People was one of the favorites but went under. Go figure! The boys like Mad and any gaming magazine but they still don’t read the magazines like the girls.

  2. Who is the author of this article?
    Christa: Every article on this blog is authored by me unless otherwise noted…

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