Print is Dead…Wake up! It was only a nightmare…

August 23, 2007

As I get ready to debate my friend Bob Sacks at the Florida Magazine Association’s annual convention at the Great Floridian Hotel in Disney World, I made my usual newsstand stop to get my ammunition for the debate. Well, guess what? My eyes started to play tricks on me…magazine after magazine in the women and fashion section were screaming at me “Biggest Issue Ever.” I rubbed my eyes and took a second look. I asked myself how can this be true? I thought someone told me (actually a lot of someones) that print is dead. Well folks, guess what, print is not dead. Soon the prophets of doom and gloom will wake up from their nightmare. The four magazines and their covers above are there for you (and them) to see and attest to the power of print. Four different magazines with hundreds of pages all ready for your fingers to do the walking… no matter how many pages you can store on one e-paper, the feeling is not the same. Buying those magazines, for less than $20 total, gave me the complete satisfaction of having my cake and eating it too. My friend Bob, you know you can’t have your e-paper and eat it too…

One comment

  1. But all you got for that under $20 is 85% ads. If this is how print is to survive, it should die.

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