Antenna: One stop shopping for the urban male…

July 28, 2007

Are you willing to spend $7.95 in order to save on time, gas and fighting the crowds. If your answer is yes, you are in luck. The premiere issue of Antenna is out and it is the best one stop shopping magazine for the urban male that I have ever seen. Think of Antenna as your search engine for everything related to urban men. From major items such as cars to minor items such as the soda you drink and the cookies you eat, Antenna provides you with choices and more choices without any editorials. It’s like they search, you choose. If you can think of it, you will find it inside the 188-page magazine. The quarterly is well designed, well packaged and well done. One beautiful thing about Antenna, the magazine is celebrity free, no opium for the masses here. The magazine is published quarterly by Harris Publications under the able hands of Publisher Dennis S. Page and Editorial Director Tony Gervino. Pick up a copy today or check their web site to order your own subscription. It is worth the price.

One comment

  1. Your high praise convinced me to check out their website. Unfortunately, it’s just a splash page with little information. Note to Harris Pubs: It’s 2007. Wake up and help your new launch by putting up a website!

    From what I can see the website goes live in three days…Samir

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