The third time’s not a charm… Success magazine folds one more time

July 26, 2007

It was all about success, the first time, the second time and the third time around… however it seems the third time was not a charm and the magazine folded yet one more time. “The doors are locked and the staff is gone,” a source and friend told me. I was sorry to hear that, but for history’s sake, here is what the folks at Success wrote on their website about their magazine:

“Success is a new kind of business magazine, a magazine dedicated to success in business, and in life. Success is the result of what our 650,000 subscriber base have told us over the past two years. Both women and men have said they want a magazine that’s edited with a personal perspective, a business magazine for and about real people. “No more Donald and Martha, show us real people who’ve succeeded, people like us!”

Well, I guess Donald and Martha are still here… the same can’t be said about Success.


  1. Are you sure, Samir? I can’t find this news on Google.

  2. yes this is true. I know the head of circ and he told me the news. they were let go.

  3. Who can I contact about the list?

  4. This is Joe Guerriero most recently publisher of Success Magazine. I can confirm that the owners/investors of Success came to NY on Monday and informed me that they no longer had the marks or logos for the brand and that operations were ceasing immediately. The entire staff was let go. A very sad day for a small group of people (20) including your truly that poured their collective hearts and souls into trying to make a real run with Success 3.0 if you will. Truly sad because we were doing well on newsstands, ad revenue got slightly stronger with each issue, the web site was starting to roll, we entered the mobile space where we already had begun to make a bi of money and were on the verge of closing a pretty significant book deal. Not t mention advanced discussions revolving around 3 foreign editions. As a matter of fact, our September-October issue was going to far surpass all previous efforts. At the end of the day, the owners just didn’t want to continue to invest in a print property the size and scope of Success. According to what I was told, they transferred the marks and logos to a group out of TX but retained all the other assets (100+ years of archives, database, etc) and debt. If anyone has any further questions, I can be reached on my cell at 914-299-0574. Disappointing because we really were making headway. Let’s not give up on magazines. If integrated properly (which is where we were headed), their best days are ahead!!

    Thanks Joe for the clarification and I wish you and the rest of the staff all the best in any future magazine career. Success was indeed a good magazine making a good headway in a lousy marketplace. Best of luck to y’all and once again sorry to see a good magazine fold yet one more time.

  5. […] Once I tell you that Success magazine has folded for the THIRD time, do I even really need to write any snarky jokes here?  YOU do it, you need the practice. The third time’s not a charm… Success magazine folds one more time « Mr. Magazine […]

  6. I am so sorry to see this occur. Success Magazine has been a part of my life in a very positive way for many years. I am a collector who has about 95% of the issues dating back to the 1950’s. If there are any other collectors out there who would like to trade or fill in holes in their collection, please let me know as I have duplicates of most from the 70’s. I’d be willing to trade or buy the few I need to complete my collection, just let me know at yannigan@aol.com. Thanks. Glen Stanton

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