So did Kelly Ripa give sex or love tip to the readers of Redbook?

July 25, 2007

To love your life, you have to be honest with your life first. Stacy Morrison, Editor-in-Chief of Redbook magazine, did a great job reinventing the magazine last month, but failed to get rid of the hypocrisy (oh, sorry it is a marketing ploy) that she inherited regarding exchanging the words “love” and “sex” when used on the cover of the magazine for subscribers and single copy editions. The August issue goes even one step further by attributing a tip to their cover star Kelly Ripa in which the subscribers receive “the love tip she just has to share” and the single copy buyers receive “the sex tip she just has to share.” Ms. Morrison, I know you are in charge, so please stop the hypocrisy and give your readers some credit. If you think they are not going to buy the magazine because you do not use the word sex on the cover instead of love, trust me you do not want those readers. Love your life is your new tag line and not Sex your life. Or, is it Sex your life?
On a separate note, did you know that Redbook is also selling in some parts of the country at the low price of $1.99? (See related story below) Here is my copy bought at Books-a-Million. redbook-199.jpg

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  1. Hey there, Mr. Magazine. I wish I had seen this when you first posted it. I must have not read my Bloglines very closely that week.

    In any case, I wanted to assure you that the switch between sex and love is a service for my at-home readers, who are constantly requesting that we “soften” our sex coverage on our covers because many of our readers have teengers and other such types at home whom they don’t want perusing our sex content. Of course, I personally think that teenagers *should* peruse our sex content, but as an editor and a journalist and a person, I definitely know that my job is working for my readers and channeling their lives and desires, not telling them what those lives and desires should look like. So yeah, I guess that’s a marketing ploy, doing what my customers request.

    We are very honest with our lives at Redbook, which is why our recent updates to the magazine have driven three recordbreaking years in a row for the title. You’re not quite our target audience—that’s young women who are reinventing what it looks like to be a grown-up, aged 27 to 47—but we are flattered just the same.

    Stacy Morrison

    Editor in Chief
    Redbook and redbookmag.com

    Thank you Stacy for the explanation. All the best, Samir

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