Relevant content 1843 + Relevant content 2007 = The Successful Economist… plus The Week and Time = my weekly journalistic diet

July 17, 2007

Not Radio, not Television, not the World Wide Web, not the thousands more magazines that arrived to the marketplace since 1843, not cable or satellite has stopped the growth of The Economist magazine. Bucking all trends the magazine has been growing both in advertising revenue and circulation year after year in the North American marketplace. In fact this year’s circulation in North America is 639,000, up 12.3% vs. last year. The secret is very simple and to quote The Economist folks: “The Economist is as topical and relevant today as it was at its founding in 1843.” I agree. The Economist today (that I am sure of, the 1843 I don’t know… I was not there) is still extremely relevant and indeed necessary. Together with The Week (My Rolls Royce of the weeklies) and the new Time (My best reinvented magazine this year) those three magazines give me all I need to know about all what matters for that week. The Economist gives me the analysis with the news; The Week provides me with the skinny on everything that matters (and I mean everything) and Time provides me with two or three in-depth packages on the important issues that answer the simple question of what is in it for me? My weekly journalistic diet is complete with those three magazines. They are not only necessary but also sufficient.
On a separate note, The Economist is now printed in three locations in the United States to make the delivery of the magazine faster to the newsstands and subscribers. The latest printing location is Texas, and thus the Proudly Made in Texas cover wrap of the June 23rd issue delivered to media folks announcing the new print site.
Once again, to paraphrase President Clinton, it is the content, stupid. And relevant content is what these three magazines deliver.

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