If you love JPG…you will love Everywhere

June 15, 2007

It seems that the dark cloud that once hung over JPG and its parent company 8020 has now cleared. Yesterday I had the chance to talk with Paul Cloutier, the chief executive officer of 8020 Publishing (the lead Camp Consular in his terms), and here is the scoop. 8020 Publishing and JPG are back on track and another new magazine following the same, but improved, model of JPG is on its way to complement and expand the publishing arm of the company. The new magazine Everywhere (everywhere_factsheet_simple.pdf) with the tag-line Travel is All Around You will debut its website in September and the magazine will launch at the end of October following the same model as JPG: the wisdom of the crowds. (See the JPG story here). Everywhere’s mission is “to celebrate the notion that travel is all around you. It is the travel magazine for all of the people looking for the real and authentic experiences of the world. Everywhere magazine gives a voice to travelers worldwide to tell their stories and share their favorite places.” As we JPG, Everywhere’s heart will be in its everwheremag.com “the community hub where people can upload travel photos, talk about there favorite places, tell their stories, create trips, give insider tips and talk about their favorite products.” While regretting losing a friend, Mr. Cloutier told me “nothing is changing in 8020 Publishing and JPG.” The new issue of the magazine (number 11 will be out on July 20 as scheduled) is in the making. Voting closes this week and “the response has been great. More feedback, more community involvement and a better engagement in the conversation,” Mr. Cloutier said. Among the new plans for improvements are the expanded community tools, our tools, as Mr. Cloutier puts it. “We can now engage the community fully,” he adds, and “we are in the process of doing that as we speak.” It is indeed amazing when you have 75,000 contributors submitting stories, pictures, ideas, etc. and at the same time they are engaging in the conversation and feedback…your role ends up being either the “camp counselor or the cheerleader,” as Paul told me. Leading the creative team of Everywhere is Lee Friedman, formerly of Dwell and Gastronomical, and backing the whole 8020 Publishing group is Halsey Minor, founder of CNET. To learn more about this “hybrid media company” click here.



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