Subscriber = Father, Newsstand = Man, but both are Best Life

May 30, 2007

Remember Redbook and how they change the word sex from the newsstand covers to the word love on the subscriptions cover, well Best Life magazine does something similar every father’s day issue (the June issue). This month Kyle Chandler, of Friday Night Lights fame, is the cover subject of Best Life. On the newsstands he shares the cover with no one and the type screams “Be a (Much) Better Man.” No such screaming on the subscribers’ cover, but Kyle is pictured with his two daughters on the cover and the cover line whispers, “Be a (Much) Better Father.” So the question of the day is: do single men buy more magazines on the newsstand than married men with children? If you answer no, why then Best Life treat “man with children” as if they have newsstand leprosy? Just checking!


One comment

  1. Dr. Husni I purchased this issue at an airport this weekend and was curious when I turned to the begining of the peice to why EVERY article was about fatherhood. The newstand cover certainly did not imply that it was going to focus on the diversity of today’s dads.

    That being said I also wasn’t aware about the trend
    of having two different cover shots for subscribers and newstand copies but it makes obvious sense.
    I would have to bet that yes, single men surely purchase more magazines than married men.

    Something else I was hoping to read your viewpoint on Portfolio by Conde Nast (which I enjoyed). Did I read the editor’s letter correctly that they are taking a break after this first premier issue and will not be publishing again until September? How do you think this will effect their readership?

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