Wallpaper* reaches a milestone, but…

May 26, 2007

First things first. I do agree with the intro to the 100th issue of Wallpaper* magazine. The editors wrote in the June/July issue of Wallpaper*, “All great magazines shift, shuffle, find space and re-shape to survive and prosper and Wallpaper* is no exception.” Well, that is where my agreement with the editors end. The cover promises a Wallpaper* “Standing proud, Bigger, brighter, bolder…” and it is indeed standing tall, but bigger, brighter and bolder is a little of a stretch. I remember Wallpaper* when it launched. I remember buying not one, but two copies of the first issue. The magazine was indeed standing proud, bigger, brighter and bolder. But in the last two to three years the issues of the magazine have been “hit and miss.” No longer the magazine that introduced cutting edge design to the 90s and beyond. Most of the issues became “yet another magazine issue.” The 100th issue is a step in the right direction. Maybe a dose of memory (a great free poster of all 100 covers is included with this issue) will help the shift in direction and every issue starting with this one will be a hit. I am looking for my Wallpaper*, please bring my Wallpaper* back.


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  1. Buy MONOCLE instead.

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