Nico is the magazine, Interviews and Fashion are the subject matter

May 25, 2007

A welcomed surprise arrived in my mailbox today. The first international issue of Nico magazine published by my friend Mike Koedinger of Colophon 2007 and the We Love Magazines conference in Luxembourg. Mike and his Fashion Editor Angelina A. Rafii wrote the intro to the first issue. In it they wrote, “Some say that the best thing about magazines is creating them…The result is a 252-page magazine that will be distributed all over Europe and exported to Australia, South Africa, USA, Tokyo and Hong Kong… The reason why we’ve created this bi-annual is simple: we deeply love magazines. We still get excited discovering new titles, flipping through their endless pages and reading the features. This is our contribution to your excitement. Enjoy!” Well my friend, the excitement spills all over the pages and the love is evident in every page. Mike, I know you love magazines and so does Andrew Losowsky; Angelo Cirimele; Samir Husni (that’s me); Jeremy Leslie; Horst Moser; and David Renard. Thanks for giving us space in your first issue of Nico to share the love. To get your copy of the first issue click here.


One comment

  1. Samir, the url for the “click here” link is wrong. Somehow that d became a g.
    Thank you for bringing that to my attention…it is fixed now..

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