A transparent Wired with not so transparent audience

May 20, 2007

The April cover of Wired was definitely a very creative cover that raised more than one-eye brow. Art directors loved it, journalist praised it and branded it innovative, yet it seems readers had a completely different reaction. In the June issue the editors wrote about the readers’ comments, “Your criticism stings, but it makes you look, you know, evolved: As always, your standards are impeccably high. When you pick up Wired, you expect something that appeals to what’s in your head, not what’s in your pants. Which, we like to think, is mostly what you get.” I wonder which was more insulting to the readers, the transparent cover or the “transparent” comments from the editors responding to their readers’ comments? Just another example that we (editors, writers, designers, etc. are NOT the readers). To read my detailed comments on this subject click here.



  1. […] as my friend Samir Husni in the US notes on his blog, the latest issue of Wired carries an apology from the editors. ‘When you pick up Wired, you […]

  2. […] is not the first, and probably not the last, talked about cover from Wired. Remember the april issue?) Sphere: Related […]

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