Move over Cosmo…Texas Monthly is here

April 28, 2007

For more than 40 years, Cosmopolitan magazine has been introducing readers to all kinds of sex and sex positions, from the amazing to the shocking sex. Issue after issue the upper left hand corner under the name has been reserved to what many believe is the main reason the magazine sells almost two million copies every month on the nations newsstands. However, one type of sex never made it to the Cosmo cover: Astronaut Sex. Well, thanks to Texas Monthly magazine the new “amazing and shocking” sex lands on the cover of Texas Monthly and not Cosmo. Well, I am sure that in a month or two Cosmo will enhance the coverage of Astronaut Sex and will give us 31 new positions to enjoy Astronaut Sex. Well, as you prepare for that, make sure you will practice “safe sex” that will not land you in jail!


  1. […] Move over Cosmo…Texas Monthly is here Mr. Magazine — Samir Husni — wonders if Texas Monthly is moving into Cosmo’s territory with this month’s Astronaut Sex cover. […]

  2. […] clipped from mrmagazine.wordpress.com […]

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