Happy 40th Rolling Stone…

April 23, 2007

Age maybe nothing but a number, but in the case of Rolling Stone it is a journey from “Vietnam to Iraq. From search and destroy to shock and awe.” The magazine’s first of three anniversary issues reaches the stands this week sporting a stunning cover design by no other than Chip Kidd who among his many works is the design of a complete issue of Francis Coppola’s Zeotrope magazine (see it below). When people ask me to name a magazine that stood the test of time and was able to grow with its audience, Rolling Stone always tops my list. Yet, this issue exceeds all my expectations on what a great magazine can do. If you never bought Rolling Stone in your life, now it is the time to grab this issue. It is worth every penny from the $6.95 cover price. To quote the editors “Rolling Stone will continue to do its part by standing for honest and hard reporting in the media and maintaining a dialogue with its readers that reflects our democracy and a belief in the wisdom of the people.” I say Amen to that.

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