Can you be ahead of the times?

April 22, 2007

So it seems. When Reader’s Digest published Families magazine back in the early 80s, they were able to produce a very high class, good looking magazine. However advertisers were slow to come and the magazine folded. Years later Family Fun, Wonder Time and Cookie are doing what Families did and indeed succeeding where Families failed. The same is true with Rodale’s Organic Style, they were ahead of the times and died before organic became the in thing. Although Rodale continues to publish Organic Gardening, but it fails to offer something to write home about today. Now enter Organic Spa, take two growing categories and merge them in one magazine and you get a magazine that hopes to capture the times, not behind nor ahead, just in time. Hoping to combine Spirit, Sustainability and Soul the new magazine launched to “serve the growing number of consumers committed to integrating personal wellbeing with an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.” The quarterly is published by Oceans Publishing Company and is available year round through a web-based digital edition that you can see here. The magazine follows the latest trend of splash pages to introduce its different sections and to help the readers navigate easier through the content. The four main sections of the magazine are At Home, At Work, At Play and At Rest. Pick up a copy and enjoy it at home, or at work, or at play or even at rest. Have some organic fun today.


One comment

  1. I’m excited for Organic Spa – I think it is a wonderful publication whose time has come.

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